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History of Tumaini Health

The vision of Tumaini Heath Centre, born out of Rev John Itumu’s desire to honour his parents’ commitment to God and the community, started with humble beginnings. Tumaini, meaning ‘hope’ in Kiswahili, was established to build, equip, and run a health centre to provide diagnostic and healthcare to the Rwika community and its environs. Our journey was marked by prayer and waiting on God, and our early days were filled with humble yet significant moments orchestrated by God. When John invited his friends David Vivian, Kevin & Rachel Howie to visit his village at various times in 2011, these visits sparked a divine calling to join hands and make a difference in the community. With their support, Tumaini was finally born.


In December 2011, Tumaini Health officially emerged, and work began creating an organisation that could implement the vision. In September 2012, Tumaini Health was registered as a charitable organisation in the UK. In May 2013, a Kenyan NGO ‘Tumaini Health Centre Rwika’ was constituted and registered to work in partnership to provide the local support and resources required to build the health centre. We finally opened our doors to the community on 1st July 2021.


As an organisation registered under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organization Coordination Act, we operate under a Board of Trustees. We are licensed to operate as a private level 2 medical institution under the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act and registered under the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board.


We are a God-centered inclusive ministry that offers all God’s people ‘Tumaini’ and operates on the Christian principle and teaching of God’s generosity– freely you have received, freely give(Matthew 10.8). In a new vision for Tumaini, our ministry and operations are now based on a volunteer model. We believe in the power of individuals coming together to make a difference. Medical personnel are sought to offer their skills in service to the community. Three staff members are paid an upkeep allowance, but the heart of our organization lies in the dedication and selflessness of our volunteers.

The Trustees

Our Clients

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